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New Posts
  • qzaa
    Jun 15

    When it comes to marketing today, the Internet is by far the most sought after platform, as companies and businesses acknowledged the fact that consumers are no longer using traditional outlets to search for products or services, but are solely relying on the Internet. And even within this field, there had been many discoveries and marketing strategy approaches, from bulk email marketing to social media and banner promotion, all in the attempt of catching the eye of the consumer and attracting him. Email marketing has been among the very first types of Internet marketing and has allowed companies to advertise their products and services quickly and in a targeted manner buy email database . However, as social media platforms appeared and became amazingly popular among consumers, many turned their attention in that direction and didn't want to buy email lists anymore and promote their business that way. Nevertheless, social platform advertising, as enticing as it may have seemed at the beginning, failed to convert into sales, which determined many companies to come back to email marketing and resort to steady support, such as companies that offer email data and software. There are many benefits to bulk email marketing and it has been proven to be a very powerful tool that still works, regardless of the many changes that have occurred in the online world, consumer behavior and market trends. One of the greatest advantages of this type of marketing is that the email hits the customers' inbox instantly, which means fast promotion and quick generation of sales. Furthermore, if you buy email lists in bulk, you are able to advertise your products and services to thousands of potential customers, not to mention that it is a very inexpensive manner to build and maintain a large contact database for your company. Last year, 90% of all major companies online made use of email promotion for branding and the results were more than satisfactory. By using email lists, companies were able to target consumers by state or city and even promote their business internationally, which significantly helped with performance improvement. It is very important for companies that choose to buy email lists and take advantage of the great opportunities that bulk email marketing offers to find a reliable and professional email data and software provider, in order to benefit from fresh and updated lists with outstanding deliverable data. It is also essential for the lists to include not only the email address, name, city and state of the targeted consumer, but also IP address, website source, verification date and time, in order for companies to make sure they are using new, fresh data, compiled from live feed. There are several such providers on the web and companies should do a thorough research before choosing to collaborate with one or another, as email marketing seems to be here to stay and this collaboration might turn into a long term partnership, which is why it's so important to find a good provider.
  • kukb
    Jun 10

    I'm afraid that young people aren't kissing as much as they used to, especially during sex. Last weekend I watched Rules of Attraction, a 2002 cult film based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis. Though it's seven years old, its portrayal of sex-based relationships on college campuses is still accurate porn grabbz . There is plenty of sexual attraction, but not much emotional connection. Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised then, when I realized about halfway through the movie that there wasn't any kissing in the sex scenes. I thought it strange; when I was growing up in the 70s, making out was an essential precursor to even the most casual sex. In thinking about what's changed in the last 30 years, I quickly hypothesized that the ready availability of porn might have something to do with this. Technology has made it possible for many young men to view explicit porn every day. It is a popular male bonding activity among college guys. In recent years, porn has showcased behaviors that have quickly become part of the mainstream young heterosexual scene, including Brazilian waxing and girl-on-girl kissing. Now it appears that the practice of anal sex is increasing dramatically among young people, thanks to its popularity in porn. Today, there is evidence that girls feel pressured to participate in threesomes, and to allow their partners to ejaculate onto their faces, the quintessential porn flick money shot.  I decided to do a little, ahem, research, and checked out a few porn sites to see for myself. Bingo. Lots of banging, very little kissing. And that was true even on the amateur sites, where regular folks upload videos of themselves having sex to share the love with the viewing public. Though I wasn't a big consumer of porn thirty years ago, I suspect there wasn't much kissing in those movies either. What different today is that porn is now the primary form of sex ed for young men, and they're mimicking those behaviors in their own lives. What kissing I did find online was strange, almost reptilian. I learned that this is called porngrabbz: To kiss someone with tongue but no lips, as in adult movies (https://porngrabbz.com/) . (As an interesting aside, I found far more passionate kissing on the gay [male] porn sites. It wasn't the norm, but plenty of videos were named to imply that the actors were in love, so it was clearly a draw for some viewers.) 
  • iftihasan821
    Jun 3

    If you want to build a following or even make sales and get traffic online, you need to build an email list that it's simply unavoidable. So you create a landing page, also called an opt-in page or a squeeze page where someone can come to your site and fill in their name and email address to get something for free, and now they have opted in to your email list and can receive emails from you unless they have decided they want to unsubscribe. So, you've done half of the Industry Email List work. You've created a landing page, you send people to it through backlinks, through articles, forums and other forms of traffic and now you need a way to talk to these people and now you need something to say on a somewhat regular basis. When you're thinking about what blog post to send people to or what offers you want them to buy from or what affiliate links to click on, what should your emails really say? I want you to remember that there are three kinds of emails you sent. They are notifications, they are reminders and they are value. You need to send very short emails. This makes it easier for people to read them but also makes it very easy for you to write them. If you think of sending emails as simple notifications then your job is much easier. Look at the emails that Facebook sends to its subscribers. They might send some news about the site but usually it's just that someone has posted on your Facebook wall or added you as a friend. Likewise, Amazon.com sends emails and they will send a weekly update of what new products are available that you might like. Think about what do you want to notify your subscribers about. Maybe you're recommending a link and you want them to be aware of something that's happening in your industry. Maybe you're showing them a URL to your blog post because you're notifying them that you made a new blog post or that you setup a new webpage and they should check it out right away. The second type of email you can send is a reminder. This is even easier. You already sent them a link in an earlier email so you're just making sure that they clicked on that link and saw what you had to say. Sometimes these are things that you notify them about change. For example, you made a blog post, people looked at it and commented. Now you can send an email telling people that people left comments and that they should now join the discussion which is taking place there. If you sent a link to something to buy, you can deliver different reasons in different emails why they should click and buy right away. The third type of email to send is an email that demonstrates some kind of value that teaches them something and this is as simple as taking your articles and putting them in your email follow-up sequence. You can put blog post, maybe abbreviated forms of blog post, lists or something that gives people really powerful advice, tips, rants or tutorials in the form of email.